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Your TV channel can be broadcasted to any OTT device (Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, iOS and Android smartphones and tablets), any platform (Facebook Live, YouTube live)

International or Local

You can freely choose to broadcast your TV channel(s) worldwide or in selected countries, regions or cities from day one

Simple and Fast

Assets management, transcoding, maximum compatibility with devices, players and platforms, distribution and CDN, OTT Broadcast manages full operations.


Choose any monetization plan for your TV channel. Premium for-pay TV channel, preroll or in-stream ads, sponsoring, …

Get a 24×7 TV channel on any screen right next to the traditional TV channels

Devices and platforms now allow any publisher to get same exposure for their audiovisual content. Any media can now launch its own TV service whether it is a single channel or channels lineup next to major TV networks thanks to our simple, scalable and affordable solution for TV channel management.

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Create Your Own TV channel

You don’t need any experience in the broadcasting business to start a TV channel now. Be part of the TV revolution by becoming one of the first publishers on devices and platforms that matter. It’s as simple as making a better use of your video content.

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Easy & Simple - No Technical Skill Required!

Broadcasting reinvented and simplified for the TV revolution

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Gather video assets from all your sources (optical medias, archives, YouTube, online copyright-free footage)


Produce live events and shows that you can reuse in your TV schedule as often as you can


Use Automatic or Assisted playout to simplify scheduling of your content


Broadcast using web-based or native players on any device or platform