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Frequently Asked Questions about OTT Broadcast services

Get your own TV channel without any technical knowledge

Learn here how to get your TV channel on most distribution platforms within a few days

What does your company do?

We create and manage 24×7 TV channels on new distribution devices and platforms. From the simplest screen (digital signage in a public space or store) to a full broadcast-like experience, we provide a range of broadcast services (ingest, transcoding, playout, apps and distribution) so you can focus on your content, your brand, your main operations

What do I need to start?

Basically you need an idea about which contents you want to broadcast. Then you can create a 24×7 TV channel from stock video footage you own, copyright-free video footage, video footage you acquired rights to broadcast, live content and/or automated video (from a catalogue, or any service)

Do I need much content to start?

It depends on which content, which niche you want your TV channel to be about. If your TV channel is about some short-form content such as music videoclips, you basically need 30 of them (that’s the number of songs in playlist of most music TV channels), so that’s about 2 hours of content only.  If your channel is about long form content (such as documentaries, movies), you will need around 30 hours of content per month (either by securing rights, either by producing your own content) to give a broadcast-like experience to your viewers. For some channels (such as automated content for digital signage), you need no content except than catalogue or feeds and After video templates. Content is automatically built for you on a regular basis.

How much does it cost?

We have a pricing range which starts at $199 for a fully automated TV channel, single stream (eg: public space, digital signage) to $2999 for a fully-managed (including playout according to your instructions) broadcast-level TV channel. We offer many options in-between (eg: pay-tv support, weighted scheduling, startover, catchup support, Facebook or YouTube live distribution) to best suit your needs and your evolution. We also have a blog post which shows how we compare to competition

How does automated content works? Can I use it for my channel branding?

Automated content creation allows you to automate even more your service by creating content automatically and dynamically from different sources (video, text, image). All you need is a source (eg: database, spreadsheet, API, news feed, ecommerce catalogue) and an After Effects template (you can find many ready-to-use ones on websites such as VideoHive). We combine both for you once, or on a regular basis, to update content (eg: weather, agenda, news), which makes it a perfect solution for digital signage as well

Which technical knowledge do I need?

If you are familiar with a web browser, that’s enough. Adding assets to a TV channels is as simple as uploading files using drag and drop or selecting them on your computer. Creating a live session within your TV channel only requires to know how to press a record button, either on a smartphone, tablet, computer or SDI/HDMI transcoder we can recommend.

Do you broadcast to my country?

We broadcast to any country. Some countries have some limitations though (China, Australia, some countries from Africa or South America), so trial period is a time during which we will finetune which POP(s) to use for your TV channel.

How to measure audience?

You can simply use your Google Analytics account or optionally get statistics from our POPs

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